Jolly Italia s.r.l., founded in 2010, boasts many years of experience as administrators developed in mechanical design in many sectors, including agriculture.

Our customers are operators looking for a product that is at the same time simple, light, easy to handle and practical, but which is also capable of offering high technological performance.

Our products are born from a research in the field of possible applications and from a careful evaluation of the users’ needs.

Product design and development are part of our success and represent a large part of the work done within the company. Each piece that makes up the finished product is checked by us upon receipt, tested and verified on the final machine. Nothing comes out on the market without having received the approval resulting from strict and rigorous checks carried out by us, according to codified programs and calibrated measuring instruments.

We are currently a small and dynamic company that has already achieved the trust of important customers of the national and international territory.

The product with which Jolly Italia presented itself on the market was the ULISSE electric harvester, a very useful and reliable tool that with its low weight and versatility of use facilitates the operator in the collection of hanging fruit, in particular the olive, with an excellent harvesting capacity and low consumption. Aware that together with the quality of the product it is necessary to guarantee the market and customers an equal quality of service, we have created a quality system that, in addition to meeting the highest standards, is the set of rules and procedures applied every day in our work.